Must Read Reading List!

'The Same Smile,' by Susan Mello Souza - Susan is sixteen, unmarried and pregnant and about to make a choice no woman should ever be forced to make—surrender the precious child she is carrying to adoption. A promise is made, and then, years later, that promise is broken when, yet again, tragedy strikes in her life. This is her true story...

'The Girls Who Went Away,' by Ann Fessler - Ann Fessler was nearly 56 when she first met her biological mother, who was 75. By then Fessler had already collected more than 100 oral histories for "The Girls Who Went Away." She knew that those girls — pregnant, frightened and coerced into surrendering their babies for adoption — never came back from the experience, not really. None of the women who agreed to be interviewed by Fessler were able to follow the advice of parents, pastors and social workers who told them to put their "mistakes" behind them and move on, pick up their lives at the point at which they'd hurriedly exited them to wait out their confinement in a maternity home. Whatever private fantasies Fessler may have attached to the idea of reunion with her birth mother, they were informed by what she'd learned from other women who, like her mother, had suffered what one called "a horrible, horrible, horrible loss."
WOW! ->Hear some of Ann's oral history collection here.

Books for Sale

The Adoption Reunion Handbook
Elizabeth Trinder, Julia Feast, David Howe

Many adopted people today try to find information about their origins and search for birth family members.

Based on a large-scale research study, the authors Liz Trinder, Julia Feast and David Howe have drawn on the real-life experience of adopted people who have searched for, and had a reunion with, birth relatives. The Adoption Reunion Handbook combines comprehensive and practical step-by-step guidance and advice on:

  • how to begin
  • what to expect emotionally
  • the legal framework
  • finding names and addresses
  • how to set up a reunion
  • making the reunion work long term
  • rejection and reunion breakdown
  • further help and advice.

This 'how to' guide is essential for everyone involved, particularly those considering searching for information on their birth relatives. It will also be of use to birth parents, adoptive parents, adoption charities, social workers, psychologists and counselors.

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The Adoption Reunion Survival Guide

by Julie Jarrell Bailey and Lynn N. Giddens, M.A.

The authors have made excellent use of their broad experience to walk adoptees and birth parents through the reunion process. The book includes information about the drive to search, the importance and "how-tos" of creating one's own support system, the distinction between "open records" activism and "reunion," a listing of each state's available method of contact, help organizations, and other resources.

Using real-life examples, this compassionate guide helps adoptees and their birth mothers decide whether or not to try to locate each other, prepare for a reunion, survive the emotional turbulence of the initial meeting, and avoid common pitfalls. Since the legal issues surrounding the process can vary greatly from one state to another, the book includes an overview of pertinent laws, along with practical suggestions for navigating through them.

The book is an excellent choice for all connected to adoption as it provides the tools for each of us to evaluate our feelings about adoption and any expectations we may have of those who make up our families.

If you buy only one book to explore the reunion process, do consider "The Adoption Reunion Survival Guide." You won't be disappointed.

NEW - $6.00

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