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Non-identifying Information (Non-ID)


At the time of the adoption, birth-parents (most often the birth-mother)were asked to supply basic information concerning her family life, health, physical descriptions, education, hobbies and similar things. This information provides the basis for what is referred to in adoption circles as "non-id."

Likewise, adoptive parents supplied similar information to the agencies or lawyers that were handling the adoption.

According to the agencies and lawyers, this information was used to provide a suitable match between adoptive children and their prospective parents.

You can obtain your Non-ID from the state of Louisiana. If you have previously obtained your Non-ID from Protestant Home before it turned over records to the state, I would suggest requesting it from the state as well. The state's Non-ID sometimes releases unknown facts. Also, it is a good idea to write again if several years have passed, as different employees pick and choose different information.


Birth-families and birth-siblings are entitled some information as well. The "Non-ID" can be helpful to birth-families and birth-siblings searching to confirm the date of birth, maternity home, hospital and other important search information.


Please keep in mind that this information will not release any "identifying" information, please do not be disappointed. It is merely a way to learn more about your history. Be sure that you do not post or divulge the entire contents of your Non-ID on the Internet. It is helpful to keep parts of your Non-ID a secret in case you come across someone on the Internet that could be a birth-relative. This information can be used to compare notes.


Since PHB is no longer in operation, Protestant Home for Babies triad members should send their letters to:


The Louisiana Adoption Voluntary Registry
P.O. Box 3318
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821

Along with an "Affidavit of an Adopted Person, found online."


If you are searching for somebody from another agency and that agency is still in operation today, request the Non-ID for the adoption from there. If your agency is not in operation, contact the state at the address listed above or try calling the state for more information 1-888-524-3578.



Include this with your letter!

Sample Letter Adoptee
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