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FIRST! Order a (uncertified) copy of your original birth certificate!

Beginning August of 2022, Louisiana adoptees can order an uncertified copy of their original birth certificate thanks to Louisiana House Bill HB450!

Requesting Your Non-Identifying Information - Louisiana

Write a letter to request your non-identifying information.

This often yields interesting and previously unknown information. 

Send your letter to the adoption agency if it is still in operation. If it is no longer in operation, like Protestant Home for Babies, send it to the state at this address...


The Louisiana Adoption Voluntary Registry
P.O. Box 3318
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3318

Adoptees are entitled to this information by law.

Birth mothers, birth families and birth siblings are entitled some information as well. The "Non-ID" can be helpful to birth-mothers, birth-fathers and birth-siblings searching to confirm the date of birth, maternity home, hospital and other important search information. Kit

With the gaining popularity of DNA kits, finding a birth family member has never been easier. I suggest submitting your DNA as well as sharing it for matches online at Ancestry.comThis is the most popular DNA service at the moment. Although I had already met my birth-family, I met numerous Aunts and Cousins using this service. 

Adoption Reunion Registry/Official

The Louisiana Adoption Voluntary Registry is a registry established by the Department of Children & Family Services to facilitate voluntary contact between adult adoptees, their birth parents and/or siblings.


Official Louisiana Adoption Reunion Registry


G's Adoption Registry


A lot of time has passed since the start of adoption search and reunion using the internet. Here are older listings for people that were searching online. Was somebody searching for you?


Protestant Home for Babies Memoirs
Contact Protestant Home for Babies
Louisiana Adoption Search and Reunion
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