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List of Louisiana Adoption Maternity Homes

This list of agencies and homes is for adoption search and reunion, mostly prior to 1975.

Please do not contact me if you wish to adopt a baby.

Protestant Home for Babies (Southern Baptist Hospital, Touro Infirmary )

St. Vincent Maternity Home, St. Vincent's Catholic Charities Louisiana, (Hotel Dieu Hospital)

Sellers Maternity Home, Sellers Baptist Home For Unwed Mothers, Seller's Baptist Children's Home, Louisiana Baptist Children's Home, (Southern Baptist Hospital)

Volunteers of America, Volunteers of America Louisiana, VOA (Southern Baptist Hospital, Schumpert hospital, Touro Infirmary )

Methodist Children's Home, Methodist Home For Unwed Mothers, Louisiana United Methodist Children’s Home, (Southern Baptist Hospital)

Children's Bureau of New Orleans , U.S. Children’s Bureau, State adoption

St. Ann'sHome for Unwed Mothers, St. Ann's Maternity Home, Catholic Charities of Shreveport, LA

Presbyterian Home for Babies, Louisiana Presbyterian Children's Homes

Louisiana Baptist Children's Home

Louisiana adoption agencies, maternity homes, home for unwed mothers,


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